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Uzun süredir erken erişim olan fizik tabanlı araç simülasyonu için ayrılmış bir konudur.

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First Hotfix for 0.11 - The vacuuming

Worked the weekend to fix some problems for you :slight_smile:

Fixed broken turbo/vacuum sounds
Fixed memory corruption that prevented 32 bit Windows to work correctly
Fixed West Coast USA getting out of memory error on 32 bit Windows
Fixed mirrored skin on Ibishu Hopper right door
Fixed unmapped skin beneath the windshield wipers on Burside Special Chopped & Channeled body
Fixed flickering brake light with engine turned off
Fixed vehicles being in the wrong orientation after resetting a scenario
Removed old untested multiseat prototype scenario
Better default configuration for the Logitech G29 steering wheel
Excluded mod_info from levels and vehicles folder
Display player numbers on top of their vehicles when multiseat mode is enabled

Fixed force feedback Update Type option being ignored in direct drive steering wheels
Fixed sound issues with slow motion
Fixed sound related electric motor errors
Fixed GridMap and Utah spawnPoints
Fixed mod mount priorities
Fixed reduced/unstable friction between vehicles (fixes slippery trailer and similar issues)
Ignoring certain errors that some old mods throw, to allow them to load
Fixed orbit cam’s dynamic FOV jumping when resetting the cam
Fixed advanced bindings being misleadingly greyed out, now all bindings share the same color
Adjusted maximum torque ratings of Van/Fullsize V8 and 1st gen Pessima 2.0 DOHC
Fixed DetailedDamageApp
SimpleDamageApp now stays visible if damage has occured
Fixed missing transbrake icon for radial menu
Fixed invisible quad exhaust, spoiler and diffuser on the Bolide 390GTR
Modern light bars added to the Grand Marshal
Concealed flashers and siren added to the Grand Marshal “Unmarked”
Gavril Grand Marshal: Added ‘Belasco City Police Department’ configuration

Tweaked drag tires and drag strip groundmodels
Added a user interface error message when download fails
Added “Subscribe” and “Open in game repo” Buttons
Fixed fatal vehicle lua exception in AI random mode
Fixed AI vehicle handling in scenario “Airfield Showdown” (jungle rock island drag race).

Known problems
Banana-bench does not work atm :confused:

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steam atölye destegini niye getirmezlerki.

bu güncellemeyle oyun içine mod galerisi geldi otomatik indiriyorsun farming benzeri :slight_smile:

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Second Hotfix for 0.11 - Loud and clear

We fixed muffled engine sounds, tire smoke, crashes, the world editor, microstutters, the campaign and a lot of tiny things.

Thanks for the awesome feedback! it helped us a lot fixing the problems.

Fixed problem with muffled engine sounds - thanks to JulianSauco for the video
Fixed an issue with tire smoke
Fixed A Rocky Start campaign: Delivery mission by fixing props not being able to activate triggers
Fixed editor opening time when lots of mods are installed
Removed buggy HDR option: always on now
Fixed physics benchmark - Banana!!
Fixed beacon not rotating with siren on
Fixed manual gearbox not resetting broken gears correctly
Fixed multiseat player tags being visible after disabling multiseat
Fixed shafts not connecting/disconnecting anymore after reset
Fixed reverb tails still audible when leaving tunnels
Fixed Lua garbage collector causing micro-lags
Fixed Bolide transmission breaking when exhaust fell off
Fixed Barstow rear suspension unstable with certain wheels
Fixed ETK-I rear suspension unstable

Added option to disable multiseat player tags
Updated semi performance data
Added line locks to stock drag configurations
Strengthened push bars/bull bars (had forgotten to add to 0.11 changelog)
Tweaked ETK-K handling for better turn-in
Improved or added intercooler weight to relevant turbo vehicles

Aha benim oyunun konusu :smiley: ben açmayı düşünüyordum ama üşendim sonradan şimdi ssleri atayım :smiley:

Snowmen everywhere!

We have a small present for you - a special winter event mod that will only run until the 7th of January :slight_smile:

If you update your game, the mod will automatically download and activate. As it is a mod, you can activate/deactivate as you like.

It features the “Snowman Hunt” minigame:


Collect all 90 snowmen to unlock the new achievement.
Tip: It helps if you have the “Navigation”-App and sound enabled :slight_smile:

The whole BeamNG team wishes you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

And as usual the changelog follows:

Fixed Filesystem problems: user files would not overlay mods. Making it difficult to work on mods.
Fixed engine being disabled if the starter took too long to start
Fixed exhaust using wrong end nodes upon reset

Improved vehicle collision reaction forces
Improved the rigidity of door mirrors on 200BX, Covet, Roamer
Retuned Stage 3/4 superchargers on Barstow, Burnside, Moonhawk to have more base engine torque and less boost pressure
Sunburst: Tuned weights to reduce polar inertia for faster steering response

Known problems
We found the performance degradation issue with West Coast Usa and are investigating it

Please note that this is a hotfix release to fix issues within 0.11. We are also already working on 0.12 in parallel too :slight_smile:

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Normalde bir oyuna kolay kolay para vermem ama bu oyunu alacağım sanırım. :thinking:

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Cidden güzel hazırlamış. Yeni keşfettim burayı.

Hasan abi crash time II ile bu oyunun ne gibi farkları var sence ?

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Guys Oyuna mod yüklüyorum böyle bir hatayla karşılaşıyorum acaba oyuna kayıtlı olan arabanın dosyalarıylamı değiştirmem lazım ?

Force Dynamics, 4dof platformda denemiş

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Aşırı gelecek vaad eden bi oyun ilk çıktığı dönemlerde sadece kayadan aşşaya yuvarlanma vardı şimdi ise bir cok youtuber bu oyunda sahne oluşturup video çekip içerik oluşturuyor. Efsaneler efsanesi tüm yenilikler bir an önce gelse keşke

otobüs simülasyonu böyle olur dedirten bir gelişme

ses sorunu giderildi

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Video’da ses yok bu arada

ya renderladım bişey yoktu allahım yarabbim + tekrar render alıyorum lanet olsun

al - alma - al- alma -al -alma -al alma derken aldım geçtim :slightly_smiling_face:

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En iyisi birde mp olsa imiş hiç durmayacağım ama şu sınavlar bitsin el atacağım ^^

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Yeni gelen otobüs başarımını kazanmak için otobus rotasını tam olarak ve hasarsız bitirmeniz gerekiyor… Oyun güzelleşiyor nesneleri artık araca sabitleme özelliğide geldikten sonra kasaya varilleri at dolaş güzel güzel

beklenen güncelleme çıktı artık Automation’dan BeamNGdrive’a araç aktarılabiliyor. Şu an haber vb. girmiyorum yarın kapsamlı şekilde bakıp diğer oyunu da aldıktan sonra inceleyeceğim Automation çok kapsamlı hazır araç modellerini kullanırız ama öğrenmem gerek :smiley: