Pure Rock Crawling "Offroad Simülasyon Oyunu" [Ana Konu]

Maciej Kuzianik tarafından geliştirilen offroad simülasyon oyunu Pure Rock Crawling, 11 Nisan 2018’de yayınlandı. Unity oyun motoru kullanılıyor. Esnek lastikler, iyi simüle edilmiş süspansiyon ve deformansyona uğrayan dinamik arazisi var. Oyunda seviyeniz arttıkça yeni haritalara geçiyor, aracınızı çeşitli parçalarla yükseltebiliyorsunuz. Modifiye edilebilen araç parçaları aracın sürüşünü tamamen etkiliyor.

Steam’de 25 TL

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Hi ! I hope you are all doing well ! This update brings you a lot of improvements ! From manual gearbox to tire deformation.

Let’s start with the most important, manual gearbox is here ! This, I must admit should be in the game from day one. But developing this system was far more complicated than I would have ever thought. Now you can change gears using your mouse and the controller. Of course there is still automatic mode for you to select.

I want to thank all of you who pushed me to implement this feature in the game ! Now I cant imagine the game without it ! If you have any suggestions regarding gearbox please let me know in the forums.

Alongside gearbox being in the game, now there is a proper break. Thanks to having now reverse gear separated from brake - I know, finally :slight_smile: This lead me to another improvement, vehicles now don’t stop after reapplying throttle which results in a much smoother gameplay.

Another key improvement is the fix of excessive tire deformation. Rims are not deforming now and side ways deformation was reserved only for skinny tires - on the other ones it was replaced with angular deformation which is far closer to real tire deformation. This also fixed excessive side slipping. Thank you for spotting these problems !

Next is suspension simulation. I changed the way suspension is being simulated. Previously there was linear drive forced axles to stay at given height with set force. This was a problem because once the suspension was raised it became stiffer. Also it didn’t quite worked as spring should. Now there is a proper spring simulation for the suspension, and raising is performed on other constraint resulting in equally soft suspension whichever height you choose.

Fixing this made me realize that part of the code responsible for better flex simulation was not working since last update. Its fixed now.

Full list of changes:

  • manual gearbox

  • excessive wheel deformation fix

  • side to side deformation replaced with angular

  • vehicle no longer stop after reapplying throttle

  • new engine load calculations

  • vehicle are less prone to side slipping

  • new spring calculations for suspension

  • fixed suspension getting to stiff when raised

  • fixed bug that caused different suspension types act the same

  • changed method of height adjustment

  • brake and throttle separated

  • brake work proportionally to input

  • new textures on other two vehicles

  • ability to map steering wheel buttons in options menu

  • fixed challenge start bug on snow map

  • fixed random game hitches that happened every ~60sec

  • fixed level sometimes failed to load

As always, thank you all and have fun in the game !

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  • Pure Rock için ss bölümü açsak mı ? @HasanOfke

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