Microsoft Flight Simulator - Salty 747-8 Project (ana konu)

Boeing 747-8 için çalışmalar yürüten Salty tarafından v0.3.0 stabil sürüm yayınlandı.

Öne çıkan özellikler

  • Complete visual redesign of all displays
  • New custom EFIS font
  • SimBrief integration and WX/METAR and ATIS requests
  • Improvements to VNAV
  • Largely refined EICAS message logic and messages

İNDİRMEK İÇİN v0.3.0: Release v0.3.0 · saltysimulations/salty-747 · GitHub

v0.3.0 Değişiklik Listesi
[FLIGHT DIRECTOR] New smooth rotation command when VNAV armed/V2 set for takeoff.
[MISC] Added custom-made Boeing font to EFIS.
[MISC] Added option in FMC to switch units between LBS and KGS.
[VNAV] Maintains approx V2 speed from liftoff until ACC ALT.
[VNAV] Automatic Thrust Reduction at altitude specified in TAKEOFF REF fmc page.
[VNAV] Automatic Acceleration Profile beginning at altitude specified in TAKEOFF REF fmc page, with proper flap retraction schedule.
[VNAV] Flies climb profile/speeds up to CRZ alt based on aircraft weight using approximation of Econ speeds.
[VNAV] New slightly higher default VNAV CRZ at .845 mach.
[VNAV] Descent speed initially .845/340KIAS until approx 10500’ then slows to 240KIAS.
[VNAV] Adjusted descent mode criteria to reduce inadvertent triggering.
[VNAV] Autothrottle now correctly engages in SPD mode when leveling in VNAV PTH.
[VNAV] New VNAV CLB and CRZ pages on FMC (Not fully functional).
[FMC] Added Simbrief Integration.
[FMC] Added WX/METAR and ATIS requests.
[FMC] Default thrust rating now TO.
[FMC] Default climb rating now CLB.
[FMC] VREF25 and 30 now calculated from current weight using real aircraft data.
[FMC] Flap Maneuver Speeds displayed reflect real aircraft values for current weight.
[FMC] REF speed bug now displays correct value on PFD.
[FMC] New Takeoff Ref page matching real aircraft layout.
[FMC] Redesigned Progress Page.
[FLIGHT MODEL] Engine fuel flow increased to more realistic figure.
[SOUND] Enabled some missing Asobo sounds (GPWS Alt Callouts, V1 Callout, Speedbrake servo extension, A/P disc).
[PFD] Visual redesign of all instrumentation on PFD.
[PFD] New Flight Path Vector display.
[PFD] Minimums settable now in 10FT increments.
[PFD] Fixed VMO/MMO on speedtape.
[PFD] V1/VR hides after takeoff and next flap maneuvering speed now shows on speedtape.
[PFD] Stall speed red tape and amber band now varies with G Load.
[ND] Visual redesign of all instrumentation on ND.
[ND] New ND symbology and colours.
[ND] Added VOR/ADF L/R needles and ident/DME info. (Tune in NAV/RAD page).
[ND] Bing map airport display now hidden when turning ARPT switch off.
[ND] Small airports (<2500M Runway) are now filtered out from ND ARPT display.
[ND] Removed DECEL waypoint.
[ND] Removed NDBs from STA display.
[EICAS] Visual redesign of all instrumentation on upper and lower EICAS.
[EICAS] Added Arrows to Fuel Synoptic to show active transfer of RES1&4 and HST fuel.
[EICAS] Stab Trim indicator now properly functional.
[EICAS] New EICAS message logic, adds Advisory message category and correctly displays Memo messages at bottom of list.
[EICAS] New APU RUNNING memo message.
[EICAS] New AUTOBRAKE 1/2/3/4/MAX/RTO memo.
[EICAS] New DOOR ENTRY L1/R5 advisories.
[EICAS] New ICING advisory.
[EICAS] New BLEED 1/2/3/4 advisories.
[EICAS] New FUEL QTY LOW caution.
[EICAS] New OVERSPEED warning.
[MODEL] Added pilot models to interior model (Optional can be configured in FMC).
[MODEL] Updated camera instrument/quickview positions.
[MODEL] Fixed LOD draw distance on external model.
[MISC] Fixed minor bugs

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