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Çek kanalı ATS için SCS ile röportaj yapmış

İngilizce altyazı eklenirse ya da Reddit birisi madde madde aktarırsa yeni bir şey varsa öğreniriz bekleyelim :slight_smile:


Clifton yoluna ilk defa gittim. Yol güzel ancak hız sınırlarına anlam veremedim. Her nedense bu yoldaki en yüksek hız sınırı 40 mil/sa (64 km/sa). Hız sınırlarına uyan biri olduğum için bayağı sürdü :smiley:


Birkaç gün/hafta önceki Çekçe (yanlış hatırlamıyorsam) röportajın özetinin Rusça çevirisinin İngilizce hali:

On the eve of the release of the DLC Oregon, guests of the SCS were members of the Vortex team (reviews, passing and interviews related to the games), who interviewed Pavel Sebor (head of the SCS). The interview itself was not something exclusive or opening the curtain on the secrets of future developments, it was about becoming a SCS and what difficulties they face in licensing.

So, for example, Pavel cited the Renault Range T as an example, when they were close to ending negotiations and approving a license, when they showed the truck to fans, but then something went wrong and the final license signing procedure stalled due to legal red tape.

Vvot the most important thing that we would have identified from the interview:
Paul hinted that the next DLC could be the state of Washington, as they made a promise to Kenworth that their state would make it. He also said: “The next logical direction is Texas (because there are a lot of people there).”
They want to try to work more asynchronously - DLC per year is not what he (Pavel) supports.
Porting games to the console (PS4?) May be closer than we think, but there is a lot of work ahead and this is a big task.
Contracts are signed with a large number of truck brands. But still, a lot of work needs to be done to make this a complete process. This may take only a few weeks or 5 years. (judging by the emphasis, a higher priority in trucks for ATS). It takes so long because they (the manufacturers) have to show them the trucks and videos made for their trucks before they are approved. (one truck was ready 3 years ago … but they were just waiting for the signing of some papers, and they have good news, as Paul said, probably talking about VNL).
Bus stops - yes, they were added many years ago, and there are several contracts already signed and ready. But they can add more things to the game (for example, tow trucks) - and here Paul said that there are no clues and ETA.
These are the news we have today for you. Share opinions and impressions in the comments.

Well, you can watch the full interview on the video below, but, unfortunately, it is in Czech, so we will be pleased if you appreciate our work of pulling this information like and / or repost !

Pek yeni bir şey yok. Hatta hiç yok. Boş işler.


Bunlardan special transport olan hangisi acaba? Biri Special transport ise diğeri ne?


96 ile başlayan geçenlerde eklendi. Special Transport odur. Diğeri öyle duruyo ne zamandır :smile:


Beyler ats alıyım mı indirim ne zaman gelcek


Almadıysan hata yapıyorsun derim. Atmosferi için almalısın.


Alıyım da 100 tl tutuyor nerdeyse indirim ne zaman


indirim tarihi belli olmaz daha yeni indirimden çıktı 1 ay oldu olacak anca… en kötü ihtimal kara cuma indirimlerinde girer o zaman birçok oyunda giriyor… öncesinde tekrar indirim yaparlarmı mechul…


alı diyorsunuz yani alalım bizde


29 Ekimde indirim var o zamana kadar 50 tl at bir köşeye Bundle olarak birçok DLC ve oyunu 35-40 tl gibi bir fiyata satın alabilirsin sonra istersen Oregon’da sonradan alabilirsin


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